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Issue #10 resolved

dbgettext in python 3

Anonymous created an issue

I tried to use django-dbgettext in a Python 3 django environment and I came up with a couple of errors. Some of them where related to problems with the different syntax of Python 3 (print() istead of print and so on). These were easily fixed. However when I was able to get the dbgettext_export to work, the strings where really strange. This is likely because of the way python 3 handles unicode.

Instead of getting: _("name")

I got: _("""b'name'""")

Are there any plans to support python 3?

Comments (2)

  1. Simon Meers repo owner

    I haven't touched this project in years, and have no need to do so currently or in the foreseeable future, but will happily accept quality pull-requests for improvements including Python 3 compatibility.

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