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 A Django reusable application for end-to-end markup handling. Includes:
-* Easy integration of the MarkItUp_ markup editor widget (by Jay
+* Easy integration of the `MarkItUp!`_ markup editor widget (by Jay
   Salvat) in Django projects, with server-side support for MarkItUp!'s
   AJAX preview. Plug in MarkItUp! via form widget or template tags.
   assumption that disk space is cheaper than CPU cycles in a web
-.. _MarkItUp:
+.. _MarkItUp!:
 or get the `in-development version`_::
-    pip install django-markitup==dev
+    pip install django-markitup==tip
-.. _in-development version:
+.. _in-development version:
-To use django-markitup in your Django project:
+To use ``django-markitup`` in your Django project:
     1. Add ``'markitup'`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting.
     4. If you want to use AJAX-based preview, add 
           ``url(r'^markitup/', include('markitup.urls')`` in your root URLconf.
+``django-markitup`` requires `Django`_ 1.1 or later. `MarkItUp!`_ is
+not an external dependency; it is bundled with ``django-markitup``.
+.. _Django:
 Using the MarkItUp! widget