Carl Meyer committed 561f79e

Improved fix for annotations and InheritanceQuerySet. Thanks Facundo Gaich.

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 Carl Meyer <>
 Jannis Leidel <>
+Facundo Gaich <>
 Gregor Müllegger <>
 Jeff Elmore <>
 Paul McLanahan <>
 tip (unreleased)
-- Fixed annotation of InheritanceQuerysets. Thanks Jeff Elmore.
+- Fixed annotation of InheritanceQuerysets. Thanks Jeff Elmore and Facundo
+  Gaich.
 - Dropped support for Python 2.5 and Django 1.1. Both are no longer supported
   even for security fixes, and should not be used.


 class InheritanceQuerySet(QuerySet):
-    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
-        self._annotated = None
-        super(InheritanceQuerySet, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
     def select_subclasses(self, *subclasses):
         if not subclasses:
             subclasses = [rel.var_name for rel in self.model._meta.get_all_related_objects()
         return new_qs
     def _clone(self, klass=None, setup=False, **kwargs):
-        try:
-            kwargs.update({'subclasses': self.subclasses,
-                           '_annotated': self._annotated})
-        except AttributeError:
-            pass
+        for name in ['subclasses', '_annotated']:
+            if hasattr(self, name):
+                kwargs[name] = getattr(self, name)
         return super(InheritanceQuerySet, self)._clone(klass, setup, **kwargs)
     def annotate(self, *args, **kwargs):
             for obj in iter:
                 sub_obj = [getattr(obj, s) for s in self.subclasses if getattr(obj, s)] or [obj]
                 sub_obj = sub_obj[0]
-                if self._annotated:
+                if getattr(self, '_annotated', False):
                     for k in self._annotated:
                         setattr(sub_obj, k, getattr(obj, k))


         self.assertEqual(qs.get(, 1)
+    def test_annotate_before_select_subclasses(self):
+        qs = InheritanceManagerTestParent.objects.annotate(
+            models.Count('id')).select_subclasses()
+        self.assertEqual(qs.get(, 1)
+    def test_annotate_with_named_arguments_before_select_subclasses(self):
+        qs = InheritanceManagerTestParent.objects.annotate(
+            test_count=models.Count('id')).select_subclasses()
+        self.assertEqual(qs.get(, 1)
 class TimeStampedModelTests(TestCase):
     def test_created(self):
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