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A Python library.

Main author: Dai,Nan <>

py-aluminium is free software released under the New BSD License
(see the LICENSE file for details)

0. History and credits

py-aluminium is a prealpha version in current.

1. Download & installation

py-aluminium requires a recent version of Python. 
It should work with Python 2.6.

To install, unpack the py-aluminium archive and run

  python install
The latest development code is available from

py-aluminium is a library, it not absolutely depends on any package.
the detail of depends please check follows :


  - simple parser :
    BSD licese
    used in: 
  - mxTextTools : Fast Text Processing for Python Public License Agreement 1.1.0
    used in:
  - MysqlDB : Mysqlclient for python
    GPL License*
    used in:
    * py-aluminium only provide a interface wrapper for mysql, 
      not a full client. your application or project must observe 
      the mysql's License if you used the interface, 
      the interface self is under BSD license, 
      it fit with 'foss-exception' clause in mysql's License.

2. Documentation

Documentation in reStructuredText format is available in the
doc directory included with the source package.

3. Help and bug reports

You can report bugs and send patches to the py-aluminium issue tracker,

Recent activity


Commits by dainan13 were pushed to drmingdrmer/py-aluminium

0a7e19a - add PDFTYPE class to improve the usability in ipython ; remove the debug code for stream object read; update the dump_pdf method, it is in ...
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