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File Leagues/2012_Aug_Nov/Reports/Game_2012_10_24

+We had 4 players for the league game in Fish hoek
+The table was:
+Nick (THA / SER with Treaty of Laibach) bleeding Neil (Aching Beauty) bleeding
+Peter (Ahrimane wall'ish deck) bleeding Kevin (Enkidu rush).
+I got off to a very good start, with a first turn Powerbase Montreal, drawing
+into my first two Aching Beauty's early, and getting an Art Museum early as
+well. Nick also got off to a fast start, getting out Seren Sukardi and getting
+a Form of Corruption into play before I had a minion out, and gradually putting
+Temptations on my minions. Peter didn't have the ideal crypt, but he did take
+advantage of Kevin's failure to draw any crypt acceleration early to land a
+bleed for 4 with the Saimese before Enkidu came out. Since I couldn't bleed
+full speed ahead due to the Form of Corruption, I spent a turn or so ensuring I
+got more minions out with with Enchant Kindred. Enkidu made my life a lot
+easier by burning the Siamese outright in combat (I should point out that this
+was the only combat involving Enkidu that didn't end with a S:CE from the
+opposing minion, and even this one involved Enkidu using Form of Mist to get
+past the first block). I got a couple of bleeds through on Peter, while Nick
+lands a few bleeds on me. Once I had Peter down to lunge range, I managed to
+convince Kevin that, as I was on only 8 pool and downstream of the Settites, I
+was in serious trouble and a cross table rush was not a good idea - Enkidu
+rushed the Settites, but, despite 2 Immortal Grapples, was unable to put a
+minion down. Nick continued to apply pressure, but I was able to oust the
+Ahrimane, although I was having to be careful to keep enough blood on my
+minions as the Form of Corruption was starting to tick up. I survived a couple
+of turns of ineffective rushes from Enkidu, and was able to oust Kevin after a
+couple of block / CoT combos left Kevin too low on pool to block a bleed, which
+duly got boosted by an Aire. In the end game, I did miscount the number of
+counters on a Temptation and foolish spent a blood on a block attempt which
+allowed Nick to steal my only untapped minion and do a significant amount of
+damage to me, but I was able to generate enough bleed to oust Nick the next
+turn, just before Form of Corruption would have allowed Nick to steal one of my

File Leagues/2012_Aug_Nov/Results

         Neil    0 GW, 0.0 VPs
         Zera    0 GW, 0.0 VPs
+Game: 2012/10/24 (Fish Hoek)
+    Table 1
+        Seating order:
+            Nick (SER / THA with Treaty of Laibach)
+            Neil (Aching Beauty)
+            Peter (Ahrimane wall)
+            Kevin (Enkidu)
+        Ousting order:
+            Peter
+            Kevin
+            Nick
+    Results:
+        Neil   1 GW, 4.0 VPs
+        Kevin  0 GW, 0.0 VPs
+        Nick   0 GW, 0.0 VPs
+        Peter  0 GW, 0.0 VPs