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+We had 5 players for the league game last night
+The table was:
+Brent (!tremere CEL / THA wall) bleeding Kevin (Lutz) bleeding Philip (Group 2
+Giovanni) bleeding Zera (DoC anarch vote) bleeding Neil (Achine Beauty with
+This was the table of weird deck drawing. Kevin struggled to draw stealth,
+Philip didn't see anyone with superior Dominate, Zera had a poor crypt draw and
+struggled to draw the vote push she needed, I didn't see any Aching Beauty's in
+the 1st 20-odd cards of my deck, and Breant was complaining about not drawing
+into his combat package.
+Brent got tooled up fairly quickly with an Eternal Vigilance on Learnen, who
+was also targeted by an inferior Anima Gathering. Without the Aching Beauty's,
+I wasn't able to seriously threaten Brent's pool, and was losing pool to the
+occasional vote from Zera. Kevin was struggling to get actions through past the
+wall as well (I think he called only 1 vote successfully in the entire game),
+which left Philip able to work around his crypt problems by bringing out a
+swarm of small minions, recruiting several allies and nibbling Zera to death
+with a succession of bleeds for 1 and 2. Zera had me down into lunge range, but
+failed to table talk Kevin into helping her pass the necessary vote, so I
+survived and was able to buy myself a couple more turns with a timely Villein.
+I did eventually get and Aching Beauty down, and do some pool damage to Brent
+with it, but wasn't likely to get the actions needed to oust Brent before
+Philip got both Zera and me. Philip duly ousted Zera, and an ill-judged block
+into a Burning Wrath from Philip sealed my fate. Brent eventually got all of
+Kevin's minions into torpor, and held off the Givoanni swarm successfully
+(although he did bottom out at 1 pool), but the game timed out before he could
+capitilise on the table position. So a game win (and the only full VPs from the
+game) to Philip.