Converts a Youtube channel to an iTunes podcast.

And it's powered by the wonderful Nagare framework !


  • Note that the Nagare framework needs Python Stackless in order to run
  • Using easy_install : easy_install podcaster

Launch the application

  • Launch podcaster using the command : nagare-admin serve podcaster

Basic Usage

By default, your Podcaster application will be accessible using your favorite web browser at the address : http://localhost:8080/podcaster

Fill in the YouTube username of the person you want to subscribe, choose the video resolution, and submit the form.

Subscribe to a new iTunes' podcast using the generated URL and that's it !


This application is still at a beta stage, but feel free to give me feedback if you liked this app.

Why this app ?

I don't like watching videos using my web browser, opening multiple tabs, waiting for the player to preload data before being able to watch the video (YouTube is very slow with my internet provider, this is certainly due to packet filtering). I don't like useless comments, unrelated informations, etc. I want to watch my videos, and that's all !

So I let iTunes do the job for me when I'm away.