This is my personal centralized cross-platform vim configuration and plugin git repo. This allows for sharing of vim/gvim environments between different machines (some unix, some windows), while keeping consistent set of settings. The setup is meant to be as simple as possible, but not simpler. I've decided to make this repo public in case anyone else may find it useful. Furthermore, issues can be reported in the issue tracker.


  1. Setup symlinks
  2. Initialize plugins
  3. Installing new plugins
  4. Removing plugins


Assume we cloned the repository into "C:\Users\john\configurations\vimfiles". Then from your home directory (e.g. C:\Users\john):

C:\Users\john> mklink /D vimfiles C:\Users\john\configurations\vimfiles
C:\Users\john> mklink .vimrc C:\Users\john\configurations\vimfiles\.vimrc
C:\Users\john> mklink .gvimrc C:\Users\john\configurations\vimfiles\.gvimrc


Create symlinks to folder .vim and files:

ln -s /path-to/vimfiles ~/.vim
ln -s /path-to/vimfiles/.vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s /path-to/vimfiles/.gvimrc ~/.gvimrc

Initialize plugins

git submodule init
git submodule update

Installing new plugins

From zip

Simply unzip them into the "bundles" folder, e.g.:


From Git

These plugins are stored a git submodules, in the bundle directory, and are automatically loaded by a special plugin called pathogen which is already present in the autoload folder.

To add new plugins simply add them as a submodule to the "bundles" folder.


To add plugin such as tabular (, we first strip out the "https" and use just "http", and then add it as a submodule to our bundle directory:

git submodule add bundle/tabular
git commit -a -m "Added tabular plugin"

Dirty status

Sometimes when you do git status a submodule will show up as dirty. To fix this go into .gitmodules file and add ignore = dirty attribute to the affected plugin. E.g.:

[submodule "bundle/nerdtree"]
path = bundle/nerdtree
url =
ignore = dirty

Removing Plugins

To remove a plugin (stored as Git submodule) do the following:

  1. Delete a relevant section from .gitmodules file
  2. Delete relevant section from .git/config file
  3. Run git rm --cached bundle/plugin_name, where plugin_name is the name of the plugin/module.
  4. Commit and delete untracked files.