What is this repository for?

The purpose of the Enzo-P/Cello project is to develop an
astrophysics and cosmology software application "Enzo-P", which is
built on a highly scalable parallel adaptive mesh refinement (AMR)
software framework "Cello," which is being developed concurrently.
The Enzo-P application will be capable of running extreme scale
numerical simulations to address current scientific questions in
astrophysics and cosmology, including star formation, molecular
cloud turbulence, interstellar medium, galaxy formation,
interglactic medium, formation of the first stars and galaxies,
galaxy clusters, and cosmic reionization. The Cello AMR framework
can be used independently of Enzo-P, thus enabling researchers in
other scientific fields to develop AMR applications capable of
running on "Petascale-and-beyond" HPC platforms.

Enzo-P/Cello is currently in V1.0beta. It still has several known
issues that need to be addressed before it can be used for scientific
research, though it is still usable as a hydrodynamics solver,
especially in an educational setting.

How do I get set up?

For information on how to build Enzo-P/Cello, as well as installing the
Charm++ parallel programming system on which it is build, please see the
FAQ Presentation

Who do I talk to?

Please contact James at if you have any questions or
wish to contribute!