Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds pushed 3 commits to drreynolds/enzo-dev-amrfld

685f716 - Started implementation of a HYPRE-less AMR-FLD solver (HYPRE will still be used, but only to precondition the coarse grid, not for the full hierarchy).
5ba0e58 - Added ability to create temporary vectors of the same size as u_ and f_ in an AMRsolve_Grid object.
0071a5c - Updated comments
Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds pushed 4 commits to drreynolds/ARKODE_pub

191bc93 - Merged drreynolds/arkode into default
b69d135 - minor bugfix in post-processing script.
86d6e7b - Added solver diagnostics for Krylov methods (both for the system solves and the mass matrix solves, and added postprocessing capabilities to analyze this data to ...
3c63f01 - Updated documentation bugs to add/fix description of a few Fortran optional inputs.
Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds pushed 2 commits to drreynolds/enzo-dev-amrfld

740f6ea - Updated handling of radiation source for shadowin test with FLD-based radiation solvers.
8e972f2 - Updated handling of boundary conditions for shadowing test using FLD-based radiation solvers.
Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds pushed 18 commits to drreynolds/enzo-dev-amrfld

25311d1 - Removed executable symlinks in selected test problem directories from repository.
5cf819e - Reverted streaming radiation FLD tests to original formulation.
0735d95 - Removed 1D streaming radiation test from gFLDSplit regression test script.
bb0a34f - Converted AMR-FLD solver to extract limiter formulation into a separate function; updated that function to match best limiter we've found (to date).
ead4024 - Fixed units issue for LTE models; Updated limiter bounds to work for both astrophysical/cosmological and lab frame simulations.
Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds pushed 12 commits to drreynolds/enzo-dev-amrfld

179db14 - Updated default Rmin value for limiter; fails lab frame tests, but passes astrophysical and cosmological tests.
fddf995 - merged to tip
c8448f1 - Updated Python scripts for post-processing HII ionization front tests.
e877b28 - Updated streaming radiation test parameter files to use normalized units.
9083edb - Updated Python scripts for processing streaming radiation tests.
Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds pushed 136 commits to drreynolds/ARKODE_pub

1f463eb - merged in updates from main ARKode development repository.
b9cbac7 - Updated fark_heat2D.f90 example to work with F77 MPI library instead of requiring F90 MPI library (for increased portability).
a81d2b7 - Pulled updates from SUNDIALS repository.
61ddb79 - Updated answer test results for kinKrylovDemo_ls now that FGMRES is fixed.
a715688 - Added two examples I'd missed from the main Sundials repository.