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(alternative) Keyboard layout mapping

Anonymous created an issue

It seems that the keyboard commands assume a Qwerty layout. When using an alternative layout provided by the system (rather than a hardware mod) the mapping is ignored.

Can the current keyboard layout be honored?

OS X 10.9, external USB keyboard, Dvorak layout.

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  1. Hesham Wahba repo owner

    I'll see what I can do. You make a good point that the mapping doesn't work as the system I'm using really does depend on the specific key codes. I might add some feature for remapping in the future to make it easier. Ideally there would be very few keys to begin with so I don't see this as being a huge issue in the future. Gestures and external input would be used and the keyboard/mouse would be mainly for use with the desktop itself. But I'll think about how to deal with this.

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