Doesnt build on Win7 x86

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ibex\IbexWin\Ibex.vcxproj has VLC Include/Lib/PostBuild dir set to c:\Program Files (x86)... however on x86 there is only C:\Program Files...

Also doc about dependecies to VLC SDK, OpenCV SDK are missing from README

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  1. Hesham Wahba repo owner

    Have you tried building using CMake? Up until my recent Mac changes everything has been buildable from the root cmake directory and I had been merging the sources. You'd still need to edit and set paths. When I finish up my current changes I'll merge everything properly and try to get some better instructions.

  2. Hesham Wahba repo owner

    I'll work on fixing cmake. The good news is the latest version of the code is dependent on the installed VLC on all platforms. In visual studio you need to modify the properties file to set up all your settings, there is a properties explorer separate from the Solution explorer, in there is the ibex properties you can modify. I really don't like this system at all honestly... Any way to integrate CMake dependency searching with Visual Studio? Any recommended dependency checkers?

  3. - - reporter

    for building you need additional dependencies not mentioned in the readme/overview. you should update the docs :) directory structure should look like

    |->SixenseSDK_062612\include    (Sixense Core API)
    |->opencv\build\include   (version 2.4.5)
    C:\Program Files\Assimp  (version 3.0)
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