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PhyreBalls is a two player 3D space arcade game similar to asteroids in which two players compete to survive an onslaught of space debree. Phyreballs was written entirely in C++ using the PhyreEngine SDK and runs on the PC, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita platforms. We were asked to choose three features of the PhyreEngine SDK to incorporate into our game. My choices included custom shaders, shadow rendering, geometry instancing, a custom tool for building asset data, and the implementation of a PhyreEngine patch to add support for full-screen mode on the PC.


In order to build PhyreBalls the Sony PhyreEngine SDK must be installed, at the time of writing this is available ONLY to registered Sony developers via DevNet.

Building & Running PhyreBalls On PC

  • Run "apply_patch.bat" (applies fullscreen PhyreEngine patch for windows)
  • Open phyreballs_pc.sln, do a full Release build then close the solution
  • Run the "build_and_run_pc.bat" script (please be patient, asset conversion slow)
  • A release build of the game should launch in fullscreen mode

Building & Debugging PhyreBalls from Visual Studio

  • Run "apply_patch.bat" (applies fullscreen PhyreEngine patch for windows)
  • Open phyreballs_pc.sln.
  • Do a full Debug/Release build of phyreballs_pc.sln (Release Recommended)
  • Set 'PhyreBalls' as the start up project
  • In the property pages for 'PhyreBalls' make sure the debugger working directory is set to $(SolutionDir)
  • Hit F5 to commence the debug session

Hangar Controls

Player 1

  • LEFT/RIGHT ARROW Rotate ship
  • UP/DOWN ARROW Cycle body paint
  • NUMPAD1 Toggle trim colour
  • NUMPAD2 Toggle wing decal
  • NUMPAD3 Randomise ship design
  • ENTER Confirm choice

Player 2

  • A/D ARROW Rotate ship
  • W/S ARROW Cycle body paint
  • 1 Toggle trim colour
  • 2 Toggle wing decal
  • 3 Randomise ship design
  • E Confirm choice

Arena Controls

Player 1

  • LEFT/RIGHT ARROW Rotate ship
  • UP ARROW Thrust
  • RCTRL Fire

Player 2

  • A/D ARROW Rotate ship
  • W Thrust
  • LCTRL Fire