This group assignment involved the planning and production of a playable 3D game, written entirely from scratch in C++ using the DirectX 9 SDK. Our original idea was to implement a fast-paced puzzle game similar to the hacking game founding in BioShock, but implement these mechanics in 3D, and so Syphon was born. Syphon is a 3D puzzle game where the player connects concrete pipe segments to ensure sewage can be safely channeled out of the level. Our game included 3 themed levels complete with scenery, skyboxes, animations, BGM and SFX. 3D meshes were modeled by the artists in 3DS Max and imported into the game in .X format.

Building & Running Syphon

  • Open up a Visual Studio Command Prompt
  • Navigate to the root of the Syphon codebase
  • Run the "build_and_run.bat" script

Building & Debugging Syphon from Visual Studio

  • Do a full Debug/Release build of Syphon.sln
  • Set 'Syphon' as the start up project
  • In the property pages for 'Syphon' make sure the debugger working directory is set to $(SolutionDir)res
  • Hit F5 to commence the debug session


  • Mouse Spin camera around active pipe
  • Mouse Wheel Zoom camera
  • TAB Cycle through available pipe pieces
  • SPACE Place currently selected pipe piece