Fat x Fast

Neckbeard has to fix computers faster than ever before. He does this by consuming excessive amounts of coffee. However his job seems to get harder after each task. Will the neckbeard survive an overdose of caffeine and conquer every challenge he is faced with - or will he fail to live up to his reputation?

This is a python puzzle / labyrinth game built upon pygame. Game supports local multiplayer for 2 players. Most of the game maps are randomly generated but custom maps can be created with tiled(


  • Tested compatibility on python 2.7.5 Windows 7 x64, Linux x86/x64 and Mac OS X 10.4.11

  • Libraries used: pygame(Highly recommended to use 1.9.2pre or greater), tiledtmxloader(by DR0ID, included), matplotlib(Optional)



Binary version:

  • Unzip
  • Run FatxFast.exe.

Source version:

  • Unzip

    > python -O FatxFast/


  • Unzip

    $ python -O FatxFast/


  • Set keybinds for movement inside Settings submenu. Fullscreen mode requires a game restart

  • Choose a gamemode inside New Game submenu


  • Classic - Classic randomly generated maze puzzles
  • Timed - Custom / randomly generated maze puzzles
  • Practice - Using "Page Up" / "Page Down" keys one can practice maze solving.
  • Multiplayer - 1v1 point based puzzle solving gameplay.


Read docs/maps.txt for a quick how-to on custom map system


Read LICENSE.txt for license info


  • finar - Visual contributions
  • kekek - Hud/Gui contributions

Files included

  • FatxFast/
  • tests/
  • docs/
  • LICENSE.txt

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