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  2. Fat x Fast


# Fat x Fast > Neckbeard has to fix computers faster than ever before. He does this > by consuming excessive amounts of coffee. However his job seems to get > harder after each task. Will the neckbeard survive an overdose of caffeine > and conquer every challenge he is faced with - or will he fail to live up to > his reputation? This is a python puzzle / labyrinth game built upon pygame. Game supports local multiplayer for 2 players. Most of the game maps are randomly generated but custom maps can be created with tiled(http://www.mapeditor.org/). ### Requirements * Tested compatibility on python 2.7.5 Windows 7 x64, Linux x86/x64 and Mac OS X 10.4.11 * Libraries used: pygame(Highly recommended to use 1.9.2pre or greater), tiledtmxloader(by DR0ID, included), matplotlib(Optional) ## Instructions ### Windows Binary version: * Unzip FatxFast-X-win32.zip * Run FatxFast.exe. Source version: * Unzip FatxFast-X-src.zip > python -O FatxFast/__main__.py ### Linux/Mac: * Unzip FatxFast-X-src.zip $ python -O FatxFast/__main__.py ## Gameplay * Set keybinds for movement inside Settings submenu. Fullscreen mode requires a game restart * Choose a gamemode inside New Game submenu ### Gamemodes * Classic - Classic randomly generated maze puzzles * Timed - Custom / randomly generated maze puzzles * Practice - Using "Page Up" / "Page Down" keys one can practice maze solving. * Multiplayer - 1v1 point based puzzle solving gameplay. ## Customizing Read docs/maps.txt for a quick how-to on custom map system ## License Read LICENSE.txt for license info ## Credits * finar - Visual contributions * kekek - Hud/Gui contributions ## Files included * FatxFast/ * tests/ * setup.py * install.py * docs/ * LICENSE.txt * README.md ## Contact info * Homepage: https://bitbucket.org/dryatu/fat-x-fast * Email: dryatu@gmail.com