This package contains files to preload Mozilla DLLs, based on
mozturbo.exe that was included in SeaMonkey 1.19, originally
written by IBM.

To use, put the executable in the corrosponding DLL directory,
usually where the exe lives or in the case of RPM installed, in
@UNIXROOT\usr\lib\appname where appname corrosponds to the
program, eg ffturbo goes in @UNIXROOT\\usr\lib\firefox-45.9.0. Or
use the -p option to point at the corrosponding DLL directory.
Recommended, create program objects to launch and terminate, for
example for Firefox:

Path and file name: 'cmd.exe'
Parameters: '/c detach ffturbo -l'  [..or..]   '/c ffturbo -u'
Working directory: [your FF directory]
And put the launch object or a shadow in your startup folder.

This should keep DLLs loaded even when the program is closed and
reopened which is especially important if loading the DLLs high as
due to a kernel bug, memory is not released when unloading DLLs
that have been loaded into high memory.
These programs also set LIBPATHSTRICT so multiples can be loaded
at the same time, for example ffturbo.exe and tbturbo.exe so
Firefox and Thunderbird can both run at the same time.
This should work with 38ESR and 45ESR versions of the Moz Apps but
don't try to use it for multiple versions of the same app.

If upgrading any of the Mozilla DLLs, it is suggested to unload
them first.

New with version 0.5, by default does not force load the modules,
resulting in much less memory usage but decreased turbo
functionality. The old behaviour can be restored with the -t
option. Run the programs with -h for help.

Dave yeo