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Response Codes

200 Ok

{"code": 200, "message": "Ok"}

If async mode is on you will always see this response even if there might be an error.

402 Resource exists

{"code": 402, "message": "Resource exists"}

Each host is only allowed to update a set of member data once.

403 Not allowed

{"code": 403, "message": "Not allowed"}

You may get this response if your account has not been activated yet.

404 Resource does not exist

404 Resource does not exist

If you've modified the library then make sure that the API endpoints are correct.

501 Incorrect user agent

{"code": 501, "message": "Incorrect user agent"}

You must use Cerberus Updater 1.0 as the user agent. The library does set this automatically but if you use your own cURL method then you should set this appropriately.

502 Invalid remote host

{"code": 502, "message": "Invalid remote host"}

Make sure that your hostname matches the one you registered. Subdomains are counted are separate hosts. For example, requires a different access key from

503 Unable to find access key 504 Data too long 505 Unable to decrypt 506 Invalid POST data 507 Invalid data format 508 Duplicate host update 509 Unknown error 510 Invalid member data 511 Unable to base64 decode 512 Unable to decode JSON 513 Username not valid 514 Screen name not valid 515 Email is not valid 516 IP Address not valid 517 URL is not valid