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Cerberus Updater

Updating is the process of sending sending spam members to our network so that your site and other ExpressionEngine sites can query that data.


Don’t forget that you must have registered any sites that you wish to install Cerberus Updater on

ExpressionEngine 2.x

For EE 2.x users there is a simple extension that doens't add any new functionality to the member management tools with EE but if a member is banned then it will seamlessly also update the Cerberus database with that member data.


You must have the PHP MCRYPT and cURL extensions installed.


Copy the cerberus_updater folder into your system/expressionengine/third_party folder and then enable the extension in your EE control panel.


There are 4 configuration settings for the extension:

Enable Cerberus Updater for this site?:

You can turn Cerberus Updater on or off without losing your settings

Empty member profile when banned?:

You can choose to have the member URL, biography and signature fields emptied when moving a member into the banned group.

Added banned member details to ban lists?:

This setting automatically populates the standard EE member ban lists with the banned member username, email and IP address.


Be careful with this setting. It is off by default and unless you really need this we recommend keeping this off. The reason is that these lists will soon get very big and it all has to be loaded from disk on each page load.

Cerberus Updater access key:

The access key that you generated for your site. This is used to encrypt the data that is sent to the Cerberus database and it is tied to your site hostname.

ExpressionEngine 1.x

If you are a Member Utilities user then you can add an extension that hooks into the Member Utilities member banning process. The configuration for that extension is similar to the EE 2.x version.