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Project Cerberus

Project Cerberus is a webservice that enables your ExpressionEngine sites to report member spam and then check member actions against a master database of known or suspected spammers.

This is a realtime network. If you send an update to Cerberus then that data immediately becomes available to everyone else who has any of the Cerberus components installed and active.

Getting Started

Getting started with Project Cerberus is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account

    This allows you to register any sites you wish to use with Cerberus. When you register a site you get a unique access key that is used to encrypt your data when it is sent to the central database. See :doc:`registration` for more information.

  2. Download the addon you need

    We provide a extension for EE 2.x called :doc:`updater` that is triggered when you move a member into the banned group. There is also an extension that complements Member Utilities 1.x. Unfortunately there is no standalone extension for ExpressionEngine 1.x.

  3. Use your site as normal

    With either of the above extensions installed you can carry on using your site as you always do. As part of your routine member administration whenever you ban a spam member you will be helping to populate our database.