1. C. Dylan Shearer
  2. iotransaction


iotransaction / iotransaction.cabal

name: iotransaction
synopsis: Supports the automatic undoing of IO operations when an exception is thrown.
description: This module provides facilities for building transactions out of IO actions in such a way that, if one IO action in a transaction throws an exception, the effects of previous actions will be undone.
category: Control
homepage: https://bitbucket.org/dshearer/iotransaction/
bug-reports: https://bitbucket.org/dshearer/iotransaction/issues
version: 0.1
cabal-version: >= 1.8
build-type: Simple
license: MIT
license-file: License
copyright: (c) 2013 Charles Dylan Shearer
author: C. Dylan Shearer
maintainer: io_transaction@nekonya.info
stability: experimental

    build-depends: base >= 2.0
    exposed-modules: Control.IoTransaction
    hs-source-dirs: src

source-repository head
	type: mercurial
	location: https://bitbucket.org/dshearer/iotransaction

source-repository this
	type: mercurial
	location: https://bitbucket.org/dshearer/iotransaction
	tag: 0.1