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DeadBeeF Infobar Plugin

This is a plugin for DeadBeeF audio player, that allows you to view:

  • lyrics for the current song;
  • biography for the current artist;
  • list of the similar artists.


DeadBeeF Infobar 1.4 is out 2013/12/16
DeadBeeF Infobar 1.3 is out 2012/08/10
DeadBeeF Infobar 1.2 is out 2012/06/10
DeadBeeF Infobar 1.1 is out 2012/04/16

Main Features

  • Lyrics retrieving from the following web sites:
  • Supports external resources with lyrics via custom scripts
    (source files contain example of the custom script);
  • Biography retrieving from;
  • Customizable locale settings for the artist's biography;
  • Data caching with ability to customize cache update period;
  • Shows list of similar artists (info from


  • deadbeef-devel(0.5.0>= for v1.3 and 0.6.0>= for v1.4)
  • vfs_curl plugin
  • gtk2.0-devel (or gtk3.0-devel)
  • libxml2-devel

How to build

  • Install dependencies that were specified earlier;
  • Run make to build both versions of the plugin;
  • Run make gtk2 to build GTK+2 version of the plugin;
  • Run make gtk3 to build GTK+3 version of the plugin.


Lyrics tab
Biography tab
Similar tab
Settings dialog



DeadBeeF Infobar 1.4 sources
DeadBeeF Infobar 1.3 sources
DeadBeeF Infobar 1.2 sources
DeadBeeF Infobar 1.1 sources
DeadBeeF Infobar 1.0 sources

Static builds:

DeadBeeF Infobar 1.3 x86/x86_64




Email: dmitriy.simbiriatin at
Skype: dmitriy.simbiriatin