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AppleScript support is a multi-step process. This could be automated
via a shell script target, but my Xcode really does not participate with
shell script targets at all.

Conceptually, it's arguable that the scriptSuite, scriptTerminology, and r
files could be considered source files. So, let's just check them in until
we can figure out why Xcode keeps crashing. Consider the .sdef file a 
convenient way to create these files, and try to keep it in sync with the 
other files. If this becomes a long-term issue, it might be a good idea to
just get rid of the .sdef file.

To process the .sdef file, do:

	/Developer/Tools/sdp -f ast -V 10.3 Growl.sdef

For more info on AppleScript support in Cocoa, see
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