Bitbucket Issue Parser /

import os
import json
import bitbucket
bb = bitbucket.BitBucket('dsr', 'xMaZXec2s1TgBv')
dsr = bb.user('dsr')
repository = dsr.repository('recipe')
repository_issues = repository.issues()
user_name = os.getenv('LOGNAME')
desktop = "/Users/{0}/Desktop".format(user_name)

def parse(json_file):
    f_out = open(desktop + "/test.html", "w")
    for key in repository_issues.iterkeys():
        if key == 'issues':
            for item in repository_issues[key]:
                for description in item.iterkeys():
                    if description == 'status':
                        if item[description] != 'resolved':
                            f_out.write("<br />")
parse(desktop + "/recipe_issues.json")
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