UIAlertView is both limited and comes with a variety of irritations and problems. This project presents a solution by using blocks for the callbacks, and allowing custom views to be used instead of the default blue alert view.

How To Use

Step 1- Option a) Add the source files to your project Option b) Add the precompiled framework to your project

Step 2- Option a) Use a standard styled UIAlert by doing:

    [CAVAlertViewFactory alertViewWithTitle:@"Standard Title"
                                       body:@"This is a standard alert"
                          otherButtonTitles:@[@"Okay",@"Not okay"]
                                 completion:^(NSInteger selectedButtonIndex, id customObj) {
                                     [self updateDisplayForIndex:selectedButtonIndex];

Option b) Subcless CAVAlertView for your custom stylings, as seen in the demo project, and do the following:

    CAVDemoAlert *alert = [CAVDemoAlert demoAlert];
    [CAVAlertViewFactory showCAVAlert:alert
                       withCompletion:^(NSInteger selectedButtonIndex, id customObj) {
                           [self updateDisplayForIndex:selectedButtonIndex];


Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

== Known issues with the framework ==

Projects must link to QuartzCore.framework as well as this one

armv7s is not supported yet. Adjust the architectures of a target project to be just armv7 until this is fixed.