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clarify passlib configuration; fix grammaro

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File config.ini.template

 ; The first listed schemed will automatically be the default, see passlib
-;   documentation for a full list of options.
+; documentation for a full list of options. Schemes not listed here will
+; not be recognised by passlib.
+;   bcrypt is our current ideal
+;   bcrypt_sha1 is legacy unsalted sha1 converted to bcrypt(sha1)
+;   hex_sha1 is the legacy unsalted
 schemes = bcrypt, bcrypt_sha1, hex_sha1
+; Old password schemes will be automatically migrated by passlib - the default
+; for PyPI is "auto" - setting it to blank will disable auto migration. See
+; passlib documentation for more info.
+; deprecated =
 file =
         self.sentry_dsn = c.get('sentry', 'dsn')
         self.passlib = CryptContext(
-                # Unless we've manually specific a list of deprecated
+                # Unless we've manually specified a list of deprecated
                 #   algorithms assume we will deprecate all but the default.