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File templates/

     <form tal:attributes="action app/url_path" method="POST">
-      <input type="hidden" name=":action" value="password_reset_change" />
-      <input type="hidden" name="otk" value="data/otk" />
+      <input type="hidden" name=":action" value="pw_reset_change" />
+      <input type="hidden" name="otk" tal:attributes="value data/otk" />
       <table class="form">
-      <td><input type="password" name="password" /><br/>
-      Minimum 8 characters.
+      <td><input type="password" name="password" />
+  <p>Please ensure your password is of a reasonable length (>8 characters) and
+    mixes letters, cases and numbers.</p>
         # generate a reset OTK and mail the link
         info = dict(name=user['name'], url=self.config.url,
-            otk=self._gen_reset_otk(user))
+            email=user['email'], otk=self._gen_reset_otk(user))
         info['admin'] = self.config.adminemail
-        self.send_email(user['email'], password_change_message % info)
+        self.send_email(info['email'], password_change_message % info)
         self.write_template('', title="Request password reset",
             message='Email sent to confirm password change')
         msg = self._verify_new_password(pw, confirm, user)
         if msg:
             return self.write_template('',
-                title="Password reset", retry=msg)
+                title="Password reset", otk=otk, retry=msg)
 ['name'], pw, user['email'], None)
         self.write_template('', title="Password reset",
             message='Password has been reset')