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         sys.exit('user %r does not exist' % name)
     for key in user.keys():
         print '%s: %s' % (key, user[key])
-    for p in store.get_user_packages(user):
+    for p in store.get_user_packages(name):
         print '%s: %s' % (p['package_name'], p['role_name'])
 def nuke_nested_lists(store, confirm=False):
            name=%s and version=%s''', (name, version))
         return cursor.fetchall()
-    _Package_Roles = FastResultRow('role_name package_name')
+    _User_Packages_Roles = FastResultRow('role_name package_name')
     def get_user_packages(self, name):
         '''Fetch all packages and roles associated to user.'''
         cursor = self.get_cursor()
         safe_execute(cursor, '''select role_name, package_name from roles where
            user_name=%s''', (name,))
-        return Result(None, cursor.fetchall(), self._Package_Roles)
+        return Result(None, cursor.fetchall(), self._User_Packages_Roles)
     _Package_Roles = FastResultRow('role_name user_name')
     def get_package_roles(self, name):