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     <form tal:attributes="action app/url_path" method="POST">
-      <input type="hidden" name=":action" value="pw_reset" />
+      <input type="hidden" name=":action" value="forgotten_password" />
       <table class="form">
         # we include a snip of the current password hash so that the OTK can't
         # be used again once the password is changed. And hash it to be extra
         # obscure
-        return reset_signer.dumps((name, user['password'][-4:]))
+        return reset_signer.dumps((user['name'], user['password'][-4:]))
     def _decode_reset_otk(self, otk):
         reset_signer = itsdangerous.URLSafeTimedSerializer(
             self.config.reset_secret, 'password-recovery')
             # we allow 6 hours
-            name, x = reset_signer.loads(otk, max_age=6*60*60)
+            name, pwfrag = reset_signer.loads(otk, max_age=6*60*60)
         except itsdangerous.BadData:
             return None
-        return
+        user =
+        if pwfrag == user['password'][-4:]:
+            return user
+        return None
     def pw_reset(self):
         '''The user has clicked the reset link in the email we sent them.