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Update README to document the new dependencies

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 - distutils2
 - python-openid
 - raven
+- passlib
+- py-bcrypt (If using the recommended bcrypt hasher)
 Quick development setup
     $ bin/easy_install zope.interface zope.pagetemplate
     $ bin/easy_install zope.tal zope.tales zope.i18nmessageid psycopg2
     $ bin/easy_install docutils M2Crypto python-openid raven
+    $ bin/easy_install passlib py-bcrypt
 Then you can launch the server using the pypi.wsgi script::
 For testing purposes, run tools/mksqlite to create packages.db. Set
 [database]driver to sqlite3, and [database]name to packages.db, then
-run tools/demodata to populate the database.
+run tools/demodata to populate the database.