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tweaks to email content; add more password rules

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   <p>Please ensure your password is of a reasonable length (>8 characters) and
-    mixes letters, cases and numbers.</p>
+    mixes letters, cases and numbers. Please don't use the same password
+    as with other services.</p>

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 assume that all passwords stored in that system are also compromised, and we
 also assume that some users share passwords between systems, we are
 performing a password reset of all PyPI accounts in one week's time, at
-2013-02-21 00:00 UTC.
+2013-02-22 00:00 UTC.
 If you log in before that deadline and change your password then you'll be
 fine, otherwise you'll need to use the password recovery form after the reset
+Finally, we apologise for any inconvenience these changes have caused.
     Richard Jones