Copyright 2012 The University of Michigan.
 All Rights Reserved.
  *******************Use CMake to Generate Project File*********************
 1) Please use CMake 2.6 above to generate the project file
 2) Please add OSG_DIR to the environmental variables. 
 OSG_DIR directs to the folder where OpenSceneGraph's include and lib folders are contained.
 You can download a precompiled OSG copy from here: 
 3) Please add OpenCV_DIR to the environmental variables.
 OpenCV_DIR directs to the folder where OpenCV's include and lib folders are contained.
 You can download a OpenCV copy here:
 Also make sure all the osg**.dll and OpenCV**.dll are contained in the folder whose path is recorded in the environmental variables 'PATH' or directly inside the folder where .EXE file resides.
 ***************************Use of Data Folder***************************
 1) model: 							where new generated building OSG model, vertices position, and tripod position are stored. (It already contains a few pre-generated building model)
2) texture: 							texture pasted outside the building model. (Read-Only)
3) helper: 							instruction for manipulating views. (Read-Only)
4) observation: 					new observed edge detetection, camera perspective projection matrix, viewport etc. are dumped over here. )
5) experimental results:	the error analysis results used in the paper. (Read-Only)

****************************Tip of Aurora.exe****************************
The procedure of reconstructing building corner is mentioned in the Aurora.cpp.
The operation of each view in Aurora in specified in the folder of 'helper'.

****************************Tip of ErrorAna.exe***************************
This is for analyzing the sensitivity to instrumental uncertainty mentioned in the paper. 

If you want to apply the error analysis, but don't have the patience to run through the procedure of detecting every single corner in the Aurora.exe, you can copy three files (edge endpoints.txt; perpective projection matrix.txt; and ViewportAndShakeInterval.txt from 'experimental results' folder to 'observation' folder)