This is a project with a few goals:

  • Find out how many unqiuely named US cities there are.
  • Learn about OCaml.
  • Attempting to do things functionally.

Some fun facts I've learned about cities in the US:

  1. I heard it was claimed that there was only ONE uniquely named US city, and that city was Succasunna, NJ. This turned out to be wrong, though Succasunna is one of the MANY unqiuely named US cities.
  2. There is a city named 'Yolo'
  3. The most popular US city name is Fairview.
  4. I've lived in at least two uniquely named towns.

Some thoughts about OCaml:

  • I remember hearing about the language during college. I recall glancing at it too, and at the time not getting it. I don't think I ever thought I would've liked it as much as I have thus far.
  • Making the compiler happy is quite the task. OTOH, it seems like a worthwhile effort as I've avoided a lot of basic and common errors you might run into with other languages.
  • Semicolons? You don't need them, except when you do (list separators, marking the end of a function list when the function can accept additional args, etc).
  • I have a long way to go, but I'm pretty happy with the learning experience so far.