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Suppress "Conditional expression is constant" warning on Visual Studio.

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File test/gmock-generated-actions_test.cc

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 // pattern requires the user to use it directly.
 ConcatImplActionP3<std::string, T1, T2>
 Concat(const std::string& a, T1 b, T2 c) {
   if (true) {
     // This branch verifies that ConcatImpl() can be invoked without
     // explicit template arguments.
     return ConcatImpl(a, b, c);

File test/gmock-internal-utils_test.cc

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   // Larger size => smaller size is not fine.
   EXPECT_FALSE((LosslessArithmeticConvertible<double, float>::value));
   if (sizeof(double) == sizeof(long double)) {  // NOLINT
     // In some implementations (e.g. MSVC), double and long double
     // have the same size.
     EXPECT_TRUE((LosslessArithmeticConvertible<long double, double>::value));