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tren...@gmail.com  committed 9f316e2

* fixed using relative path to sub Makefiles

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File src/actions/make/make_solution.lua

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 			_p(1,'@echo "==== Building %s ($(%s_config)) ===="', prj.name, cfgvar)
 			local slnpath = solution.getlocation(sln)
-			local prjpath = project.getfilename(prj, make.getmakefilename(prj, true))
+			local prjfile = make.getmakefilename(prj, true)
+			local prjpath = project.getfilename(prj, prjfile)
 			local prjdir = path.getdirectory(path.getrelative(slnpath, prjpath))
 			if prj.external and prj.buildcmd then
 				_p(1, string.format(prj.buildcmd, cfgvar, prj.externalname))
-				_p(1,'@${MAKE} -C %s -f %s config=$(%s_config)', make.esc(prjdir), make.esc(prjpath), cfgvar)
+				_p(1,'@${MAKE} -C %s -f %s config=$(%s_config)', make.esc(prjdir), make.esc(prjfile), cfgvar)