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Dimitar Trendafilov  committed da755db

* fixed missing library directories for makefiles
* fixed missing external dependencies for makefiles

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File src/project/config.lua

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 					-- if the caller wants the whole project object, then okay
 					if part == "object" then
 						item = prjcfg
-					-- Just some part of the path. Grab the whole thing now, split it up
-					-- below. Skip external projects, because I have no way to know their
-					-- target file (without parsing the project, which I'm not doing)
-					elseif not prj.external then
+					else
 						item = project.getrelative(cfg.project, prjcfg.linktarget.fullpath)
 			elseif not prj and (kind == "system" or kind == "all") then
 				-- Make sure this library makes sense for the requested linkage; don't
 				-- link managed .DLLs into unmanaged code, etc.

File src/tools/gcc.lua

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 		-- Scan the list of linked libraries. If any are referenced with
 		-- paths, add those to the list of library search paths
-		for _, dir in ipairs(config.getlinks(cfg, "system", "directory")) do
+		for _, dir in ipairs(config.getlinks(cfg, "all", "directory")) do
 			table.insert(flags, '-L' .. project.getrelative(cfg.project, dir))