Leonard Ritter avatar Leonard Ritter committed 30c5599

mksdl: checkout and auto-build SDL on windows

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     if not clone_repo():
     builddir = os.path.join(targetdir, 'VisualC', 'SDL', 'Release')
-    if not os.path.isdir(builddir):
-        print("You must build the visual studio solution file in release mode first.")
+    slnfile = os.path.join(targetdir, 'VisualC', 'SDL_VS2008.sln')
+    DXSDK_DIR = os.environ['DXSDK_DIR']
+    os.environ['INCLUDE'] = os.path.join(DXSDK_DIR, 'Include') + os.pathsep + os.environ.get('INCLUDE', '')
+    os.environ['LIB'] = os.path.join(DXSDK_DIR, 'Lib', 'x86') + os.pathsep + os.environ.get('LIB', '')
+    cmd = 'msbuild {} /nologo /v:minimal /p:"VCBuildAdditionalOptions= /useenv" /p:Configuration=Release'.format(slnfile)
+    print(cmd)
+    if os.system(cmd):
+        print("build failed")
+    assert os.path.isdir(builddir)
     if os.path.isdir(bindir):
         print("Removing stale {0}...".format(bindir))
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