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pysdl-cffi / sdl_defs / SDL_rwops.h

  Simple DirectMedia Layer
  Copyright (C) 1997-2012 Sam Lantinga <slouken@libsdl.org>

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 *  \file SDL_rwops.h
 *  This file provides a general interface for SDL to read and write
 *  data streams.  It can easily be extended to files, memory, etc.

//typedef struct file_p FILE;

 * This is the read/write operation structure -- very basic.
typedef struct SDL_RWops
    long (SDLCALL * seek) (struct SDL_RWops * context, long offset,
                           int whence);
    size_t(SDLCALL * read) (struct SDL_RWops * context, void *ptr,
                            size_t size, size_t maxnum);
    size_t(SDLCALL * write) (struct SDL_RWops * context, const void *ptr,
                             size_t size, size_t num);
    int (SDLCALL * close) (struct SDL_RWops * context);

    Uint32 type;
            SDL_bool append;
            void *h;
                void *data;
                size_t size;
                size_t left;
            } buffer;
        } windowsio;

            SDL_bool autoclose;
            FILE *fp;
        } stdio;
            Uint8 *base;
            Uint8 *here;
            Uint8 *stop;
        } mem;
            void *data1;
        } unknown;
    } hidden;
} SDL_RWops;

 *  \name RWFrom functions
 *  Functions to create SDL_RWops structures from various data streams.

extern DECLSPEC SDL_RWops *SDLCALL SDL_RWFromFile(const char *file,
                                                  const char *mode);

                                                SDL_bool autoclose);

extern DECLSPEC SDL_RWops *SDLCALL SDL_RWFromMem(void *mem, int size);
extern DECLSPEC SDL_RWops *SDLCALL SDL_RWFromConstMem(const void *mem,
                                                      int size);

/*@}*//*RWFrom functions*/

extern DECLSPEC SDL_RWops *SDLCALL SDL_AllocRW(void);
extern DECLSPEC void SDLCALL SDL_FreeRW(SDL_RWops * area);

#define RW_SEEK_SET	0       /**< Seek from the beginning of data */
#define RW_SEEK_CUR	1       /**< Seek relative to current read point */
#define RW_SEEK_END	2       /**< Seek relative to the end of data */

 *  \name Read/write macros
 *  Macros to easily read and write from an SDL_RWops structure.
#define SDL_RWseek(ctx, offset, whence)	(ctx)->seek(ctx, offset, whence)
#define SDL_RWtell(ctx)			(ctx)->seek(ctx, 0, RW_SEEK_CUR)
#define SDL_RWread(ctx, ptr, size, n)	(ctx)->read(ctx, ptr, size, n)
#define SDL_RWwrite(ctx, ptr, size, n)	(ctx)->write(ctx, ptr, size, n)
#define SDL_RWclose(ctx)		(ctx)->close(ctx)
/*@}*//*Read/write macros*/

 *  \name Read endian functions
 *  Read an item of the specified endianness and return in native format.
extern DECLSPEC Uint16 SDLCALL SDL_ReadLE16(SDL_RWops * src);
extern DECLSPEC Uint16 SDLCALL SDL_ReadBE16(SDL_RWops * src);
extern DECLSPEC Uint32 SDLCALL SDL_ReadLE32(SDL_RWops * src);
extern DECLSPEC Uint32 SDLCALL SDL_ReadBE32(SDL_RWops * src);
extern DECLSPEC Uint64 SDLCALL SDL_ReadLE64(SDL_RWops * src);
extern DECLSPEC Uint64 SDLCALL SDL_ReadBE64(SDL_RWops * src);
/*@}*//*Read endian functions*/

 *  \name Write endian functions
 *  Write an item of native format to the specified endianness.
extern DECLSPEC size_t SDLCALL SDL_WriteLE16(SDL_RWops * dst, Uint16 value);
extern DECLSPEC size_t SDLCALL SDL_WriteBE16(SDL_RWops * dst, Uint16 value);
extern DECLSPEC size_t SDLCALL SDL_WriteLE32(SDL_RWops * dst, Uint32 value);
extern DECLSPEC size_t SDLCALL SDL_WriteBE32(SDL_RWops * dst, Uint32 value);
extern DECLSPEC size_t SDLCALL SDL_WriteLE64(SDL_RWops * dst, Uint64 value);
extern DECLSPEC size_t SDLCALL SDL_WriteBE64(SDL_RWops * dst, Uint64 value);
/*@}*//*Write endian functions*/