Welcome to RTCSG2D

a screenshot of the RTCSG2D demo

RTCSG2D is an original 2D rendering technique to draw complex constructive solid geometry in realtime on the GPU. A large count of unions of intersections of additive and subtractive quadratic brushes is supported.

The operating principle of the RTCSG2D algorithm is a massively parallel hierarchical quadtree resolver that subdivides tiles until they contain only three brushes or less.

RTCSG2D comes with a small demo app that shows a few exemplary scenes and supports several introspective debugging flags. The demo is implemented using glfw, GL 4.5, GLM, Imgui and glad and compiles for x86-64 Linux and MSYS2/mingw64 on Windows. The demo was developed for an AMD RX 480 GPU and may not work for other chipsets.

RTCSG2D is MIT licensed.


  • Key above TAB: Open UI / Exit mouse capture
  • WSAD: move camera up / down / left / right
  • Mouse Scroll: zoom in/out
  • Mouse Movement: rotate camera counter-/clockwise