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Scopes Release 0.7



This is the first release of Bangra (which is now named Scopes) since February, and so much has changed that it could be considered a total rewrite. So here are just a few cornerstones of what this new release means:

  • Bangra is now named Scopes. The new name reflects better what the language is about: scoped use of languages and idioms with many different goals, all under one umbrella.
  • Scopes is no longer an interpreter, but a live compiler which attempts to guarantee constant propagation and constant expression folding through partial evaluation and supports zero cost closures. The documentation has been completely overhauled and there are now the beginnings of a tutorial.
  • From here on out, no further rewrites are expected, and releases will once again move relatively fast.
  • An extension for Visual Studio Code is available on the marketplace and can be installed from within the editor. It provides basic syntax highlighting.