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The tentacle command-line tool takes care of pulling and updating all repositories required to run the duangle toolchain on your machine.

The instructions on this page are regularly outdated. Expect nothing to work.


You need an installation of Python 2.7 for the initial bootstrapping.


To install, do the following:

$ mkdir duangle
$ cd duangle
$ hg clone # or use ssh://hg@... if you have a SSH key
$ cd tentacle
$ ./tt
Yes, master?

To clone all required repositories into tentacles parent folder:

$ tt clone

Then manually install the repositories you want to use, preferably guided by the import errors that you receive trying to use them ;-)

# for example
$ cd python-glm
$ sudo python develop

You can also use Tentacle to download a nightly build of pypy and install your packages using pypy:

$ tt getpypy
$ cd python-glm
$ pypy develop

Make sure pypy/bin is added to your PATH.

Known Problems

pysdl-cffi, pyode-cffi, among other libraries, depend on private builds of their respective libraries, which will cause tentacle to cancel the initenv early. Change into each folder manually and execute the ./mkode, ./mksdl etc. scripts respectively, which downloads and builds both libraries for use with python:

$ cd pysdl-cffi
$ ./mksdl
... lots of output ...
$ pypy develop
$ cd ..
$ cd pyode-cffi
$ ./mkode
... lots of output ...
$ pypy develop
$ cd ..

Some of the newer libraries don't have Windows/OSX support yet, but the Linux versions should always work.


We're not able to give any official support for our libraries, but if you hang out on IRC freenode, #duangle, stuff might happen.