1. Erich Duda
  2. LireSolrIndexer


Tool for indexing data for LireSolr project

Creates an index from images for SOLR. This data can be used for fast image retrieving. It uses Color Layout and SURF methods. For more information check LireSolr project


Just type

ant package


Check config.properties file.

# Url to the solr core, where indexer will import data.
solrCoreUrl = http://localhost:8983/solr/[core]
# Path to the solr core data folder, where indexer copy clusters-surf.dat.
solrCoreData = /[pathToCore]/data
# Number of the documents, which will be used to create vocabulary (clusters-surf.dat).
numDocsForVocabulary = 800
# This is equivalent to a number of the visual words, which will be used to search images.
numClusters = 1000
# Number of threads, which will be used to index images.
numberOfThreads = 2


Index images:

java -jar indexer.jar index <file>


  • file .. text file containing paths to the images (one line = one path)



java -jar indexer.jar index images

Import images to SOLR:

java -jar indexer.jar import

This method has no parameters. Parameters are set in the config.properties file.

Create visual words

Creates data for visual words technique. This step is automatically execute after index step. You can execute this step again if you want to create visual words with other parameters specific in the config.properties file.

java -jar indexer.jar visualwords

Erich Duda, 2013-12-02