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Changes in @NEW@:
    * epdb will automatically switch to the process group with session control,
      so that in programs where setpgrp() has been called, such processes 
      can still be debugged.
Changes in 0.9.1:
    * until now works with filenames
    * breakpoints/etc that take filenames will also now take sys.module entries, e.g. foo.bar, if sys.modules['foo.bar'] exists.
Changes in 0.9: 
    * readline history should be much more well behaved
    * multiline entries will be stored as one entry
    * input is set to /dev/tty as well as output if the current input stream
      in not a terminal
    * The new fail_silently_on_ioerror config value will allow you to avoid
      raising an exception when a breakpoint is hit an no terminal is available.      Use with caution as it could allow you to leave unintended breakpoints in
      your program.
Changes in 0.8.1:
    * Add cross-session readline history 
Changes in 0.8:
    * Initial seperate epdb release