Welcome to the source repository for Free Speech, a communication board that helps people communicate.

Free Speech allows users (and/or their caregivers) to create and edit their own personal boards using their device itself. Boards consist of one or more tabs. Tabs contain one or more buttons. Each button can speak a word or phrase. A single device can be used to communicate thousands of sentences with just a few clicks.

Sounds great, what do I do to check it out?

If you just want to install Free Speech and give it a try, you can find it in the Google Play store.

Are you a developer who'd like to to build this project? Check out this repository and import it into Android Studio. It should "just work".


If you're already using Free Speech, check out the draft documentation. This will eventually be available in-app.

Problems? Ideas?

If you encounter problems using Free Speech or have ideas about how it could work better, create an issue.

Privacy Policy

For more information about the multimedia content captured by this app and how it's used, see the privacy policy.