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[vim] trying liquidprompt

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 export LS_COLORS="di=34:ln=1;35:so=32:pi=33:ex=1;31:bd=34:cd=34:su=0;41:sg=0;46:tw=0;42:ow=0;43:fi=1;37:"
 # }}}
+# prompt-irblack
 # }}}
 # durdn/cfg related commands {{{
   export MAVEN_OPTS
   source $HOME/.atlassian
-  source $HOME/dev/envs/generic/bin/activate
+  #source $HOME/dev/envs/generic/bin/activate
 # }}}
 # }}}
 # }}}
+# liquid prompt {{{
+source $HOME/.liquidprompt
+# }}}
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