Nicola Paolucci committed 807c2be

Toggle antialias when switching to full screen

Some people - like me - use Terminus, the most awesome terminal font on
earth. But it only looks good with antialias disabled. When switching to
full screen and using a different font it makes sense to turn on
antialias - for the Cousine font - but when returning back it should go

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 		" (AmaruCoder)
 		exec "set gfn=".escape(g:fullscreen_font,' ')
+		set antialias											 " set antialias if unset
 		set background=light
 		set lines=40 columns=100  				 " size of the editable area
 		set linespace=5 									 " spacing between lines
     let g:distractionFreeFullscreen = 'off'
 		set linebreak!
+		set antialias!
 		exec "colorscheme ".g:normal_colorscheme
 		" added escape function to allow for multiword font names