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[bashrc] added .atlassian specific aliases
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[bash] Add
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Changed .bash_profile to a symlink to .bashrc
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[bashrc] osx re-enable bash history in Sierra
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[hammerspoon] rotation of states reset properly
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no compilation of docs when installing gems
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[gitconfig] Externalize sendemail configuration to .git-sendemail
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.gitconfig ls,ll alias show original committer
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Squashed '.vim/bundle/unimpaired/' content from commit 11dc568
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gtkrc: solve ugly look of eclipse in dwm
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hgrc: fixed reset aliases
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[bashrc] enhance bash vim mode with awesome commands
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[liquidprompt] fix missing closing fi
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[osx] Tweaks to OSX setup to review
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Archive older dot files
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[slate] Add two new center layouts
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Fix .subtrees list
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[tmux] Comment out status-utf8
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[vimrc] Move to 8.0, Remove Pathogen, fix windows shortcuts
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# Dotfiles for [@durdn](

## Requirements

- Git
- Curl

## Install

Install config tracking in your $HOME by running:

  curl -Lks | /bin/bash
  curl -Lks | /bin/bash