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[bashrc] added .atlassian specific aliases
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Changed .bash_profile to a symlink to .bashrc
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[bashrc] Add new_post_worktree function to create new lineman post with git worktree
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no compilation of docs when installing gems
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[git] remove old git lob clean/smudge
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[gitignore] ignore docker execs in bin folder
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gtkrc: solve ugly look of eclipse in dwm
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hgrc: fixed reset aliases
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[bashrc] enhance bash vim mode with awesome commands
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Tiny permission change
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Archive older dot files
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[slate] Add two new center layouts
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Fix .subtrees list
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[tmux] visual-content is not liked by the latest tmux
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[vimrc] Add shortcut to open solarized colors
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Fix install script repos
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[gitconfig] Change default to current
# Dotfiles for [@durdn](http://twitter.com/durdn)

Install config tracking in your $HOME by running:

  curl -Lks https://bitbucket.org/durdn/cfg/raw/master/install.sh | bash

Or in a shorter form:

  curl -Lks http://j.mp/install-cfg | bash


  wget -q0 - http://j.mp/install-cfg | sh

Your configuration is stored by default in ~/.cfg and symlinked to $HOME from