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removed config.h (stupid hg)
removed the CONFIG variable from, renamed config.h into config.default.h, after first clone/extract one needs to copy config.default.h to config.h, that is easier than always heavy typing make CONFIG=blafasel
added Acroread.* and MPlayer.* to config.arg.h rules
made fullscreen apps working fine in floating mode (there is no sane way to make them work in tiled mode, thus I switch to floating mode if I run such kind of app), also fixed the xterm issue reported by Sander
new stuff
dwm is now exit, if stdin is closed due broken pipe
implemented focus on enterwindow on titlebars
applied Sanders patches (numlock2)
reverting to old resize policy
new resize stuff (using XConfigureWindow instead of XSendEvent)
renamed ARRANGE into DEFMODE
small fixes to dwm.html
simplified README
removed 1 missing LOC
removed 5LOC
removed artefacts of single-linked list (thanx to Jukka, I must have been mad)
cleaned config.*h to prevent some confusion
saved 2LOC
uppercasing all define'd values (uppercase-prefixed should only be enum field qualifiers)
fixed config.h files
centralized/externalized configuration to config.h
applied Cedric's NumLock patch
applied Jukkas prev/next patch with XK_{h,l}
applied Sanders patches
committed a patch which fixes the hints of Jukka
updated html
Added tag 0.5 for changeset 22213b9a2114167ee8ba019a012e27da0422a61a
prepared 0.5
some cleanups/fixes inspired by Jukka Salmi's feedback
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