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Update the documentation to reflect the filter import feature.

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 ``blatter.ini``.  Any of the directories can be changed to suit your
+Custom Jinja filters can be also be imported.  Say you have a filter called ``uppercase`` in a ```` file that you'd like to use.  To import the filter you would add the following to your ``blatter.ini`` file:
+  [filter.uppercase]
+  name=uppercase
+  function=filters.uppercase
+The ``name`` option is the name that Jinja will use to refer to the filter in your templates.  The ``function`` option is the full module path to the function you want to import as a filter.
 Nested Sites and Chaining Blatters


+# filter options can be used to import custom Jinja filters
+# 'name' is what the filter will be called by in Jinja tags
+# 'function' is the (module) path to the function.
 # 'publish' target can be configured or use --destination