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zsh/bash: change default timezome
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Initial import from svn.
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emacs: call package-initialize in .emacs
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git: new glog alias for looking at graph history
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global ignores: never track .noseids
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ignore: also ignore share in home dir
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hgrc: set ui.interface to text to avoid any use of curses
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Improved bash environment a little bit.
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Have irb save history.
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Initial import from svn.
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pentadactylrc: testing out pentadactyl config options
220 B
This has been set on my server for months, and remained uncommitted until now...
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vim: make config more minimal so it Just Works in more places.
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Track xmobarrc
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zprofile: introduce zprofile use
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zshenv: default timezone should be America/New_York now
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zshrc: second attempt to make screen message not break